We are the new generation of tourism

The Megarbane Group is the Bistro du Pinacle, La Halte du Pinacle and L’Etoile du Lac Lyster, all located in Baldwin Mills. We fell in love with the region, with Mount Pinacle and Lake Lyster, which our clientele also enjoys all year round.

We prioritize the personalization of our guests’ stays in order to create unique moments that correspond to each one, the well-being of our employees in the company as well as the respect of the environment.

We deeply believe in the concept of mutual aid between the different departments in our companies and also in mutual aid between producers, suppliers and local actors, so as not to lose the culture, the know-how and the dynamism present in the region.

Tourist experiences

Our team

Michel Megarbane
Michel MegarbaneOwner
Julien Curial
Julien CurialGeneral director
Alexandre Lecuyer
Alexandre LecuyerChef